On a current stag celebration in Helston, Cornwall I made a decision to take a look at the native Penrose parkrun. A reasonably quick out and again 5K route, I used to be shocked that lots of the stag determined to hitch me. With Eden and Penrose ticked off, it might be nice to finish just a few extra Cornish parkruns. To purchase the brand new JOG ON Cap: Video Chapters: 00:00 Opening – Running in Cornwall 00:20 Driving to Penrose parkrun 00:28 Arriving at Penrose parkrun 00:57 Penrose parkrun warmup and Intro to Penrose 01:42 First timers briefing for Penrose parkrun 02:19 Heading to the beginning 02:36 Announcements 02:53 Penrose parkrun begin 03:14 1K mark 03:22 2K mark 03:31 Turnaround Mick at Halfway 03:57 3K mark 04:09 4K mark 04:18 Penrose parkrun end 04:38 PR Rob returns 04:46 Penrose parkrun outcome 04:49 Rory returns 05:09 Other stag celebration members return 06:12 Summary 06:34 Heading again 06:54 Outro *MORE ABOUT JOG ON* JOG ON with Harry Morgan produces movies about working and journey 🏃‍♂️🏔. Whether working for health or enjoyment, we check out runner’s journeys by means of parkrun, 5K, 10K, marathon and path working 🏃‍♂️. We additionally discover the nice open air 🏔 , strolling within the wild, climbing mountains and climbing a few of the finest walks 🥾 within the UK and the world. Whether working or strolling, get out the door and discover 🗺. 🎤 JOG ON is a additionally a podcast: 🎬 The JOG ON podcast Youtube channel: 🎙For audio seek for ‘JOG ON’ in any podcast app 📲 Follow JOG ON: 📷 Instagram: 📲Facebook: 🏃‍♂️ Strava: 4 methods to assist JOG ON: 1. ☑️ Subscribe to the channel: 2. 📣 Tell somebody about us 3. 👕 Buy a JOG ON high by emailing a measurement request to: [email protected] 4. 💰 Support us on Patreon: 📹 JOG ON 🏃‍♂️Running Videos: 🎬 The 500K Challenge: 🎬 JOG ON at parkrun: 📹 JOG ON 🏔Adventure Videos: 🎬 Mountain Adventures: Other websites: 🧑🏼‍💻 Register your curiosity to run 500K:​ 🌲 Sign as much as parkrun: 📮 Get in contact: 📧 Email: [email protected] 💻 Website:

34 thoughts on “Bringing a STAG PARTY to parkrun (Penrose, Cornwall)

  1. Great video…honestly can’t workout why you haven’t got wayyyyyy more subs. Keep the great video coming Harry👍

    1. @JOG ON with Harry Morgan
      I’m going to share on my YT community, insta, twitter and to my 5k Strava followers👍

    2. Because he doesn’t pander to running sneakerheads reviewing crap ton of overprised clown shoes… ¯_(ツ)_/¯
      It’s just running and adventures.
      The algorithm doesn’t promote JOG ON because youtube can run MUCH more profitable adds on shoe reviewers channels than here

    3. ​@That Running Guy Hi, Chris! This shoe fascination bothers me for one simple reason: Running is supposed to be the simplest, cheapest, easiest to practice hobby, and these channels are making it a lot more complicated than it is. If you tell people the truth – that the vast majority of consumers don’t really need anything expensive or multiple pairs of shoes for every single type of run, you just can’t do shoe reviews 😀

  2. Fantastic video, I’m sure the parkrun was a great way to burn off the hangovers! Congrats to the bride & groom

    1. Cheers Mathew – who knows. 3,248 subscribers at the time of this comment, maybe we can look back in a couple of years at this and see what it’s at, compared to now

  3. By far the most engaging running videos on the web. Great work. Keep it up. I f I wasn’t in Australia I would run with you. All the best, Adam

    1. Cheers Adam – appreciate the comment.
      Hopefully I’ll be back in Oz before long – I was last in the country a decade ago now. Madness.

      Run strong


  4. Cool video! The stag party were coming in at some pretty impressive times as well.

  5. They’ve made some minor changes to the course since then, taking out the grass sections and moving Turnaround Mick a little but further away. Makes it better in my opinion.

  6. We are going away for a girls weekend in September and one of group message me the other day and said would I be up for a Parkrun. I am hoping for a good time because the last time I ran a Parkrun on a hangover I got a PB. You have also reminded me to pack the beer ping pong game. Though I think it may not have beer in it. 😊

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